Earning a World Series Berth

NOTE: The Road or Orlando World Series at Disney World no longer requires any qualifications. Any USSSA registered team can participate.

World Series Qualificaitons for A, B and Open Classes for National Championships in East Hartford, CT; Ocean City, Maryland; or any other regional World Series event in the US.

1. A minimum of 3 teams must participate in a WS qualifying tournament in order to offer any berths. The following are general principles in CT for awarding berths to a USSSA World Series event. 

a. The amount of WS berths for an "OPEN" tournament age bracket (both A and B teams participating) and their classification (A or B) will be determined by the number of teams participating per age bracket as follows:

3-6 teams

2 Berths

7-12 teams

4 Berths

13-16 teams

6 Berths

17-24 teams

8 Berths

Note: If a tournament is classified an exclusively A or a B tournament than the all berths would be awarded only in that classification. 

b. When a choice is offered, teams will have the option of accepting either an “A” or “B” berth. This decision must be made within 7 days of the qualifier or before the beginning of the team’s next USSSA qualifying tournament, whichever comes first.  Failure to make such a decision will result in the team forfeiting either berth.

c. If a team that chooses a “B” berth later qualifies as “A”, that team will be reclassified as “A”.  However, the team has the right to appeal such a reclassification to the CT USSSA State Director and the reclassification may be overturned if conditions warrant.

d. If a team earns a berth to a WS for which they’ve already qualified, it’s possible that berth may be awarded to the highest finishing team in the tournament which has not yet earned a berth. Individual tournament directors do not have the authority to hand berths down beyond what's listed above. Only the CT USSSA State Director can determine if berths are to be passed down. A berth will not be passed down to a team with a losing record in that tournament.

e. The preceding points are not to be considered absolute in all cases. Other factors could come into play when determining the nature of awarding berths and classifications. For example a team that is truly a B team ha a not streak and wins an Open tournament in which not too many A teams entered. In this case awarding a B berth for that team might be appropriate. The CT USSSA State Director reserves the right to determine the final amount of berths, the team's classification and to which WS events they are awarded.

2. In 2018 At‐Large Berths will be awarded to:

  • any team that participates in (2) USSSA qualifying Spring/Summer outdoor tournaments in any state. 
  • any team that co-hosts or hosts a USSSA tournament in CT.

3. Teams should carefully determine whether they intend to participate in the World Series for which they’ve earned the berth, as WS entry fees are non-refundable once they are submitted online to the national office.

4. Teams that earn an “A” berth as described in point 3(a) above will be classified as "A", whether or not that team chooses to accept the "A" berth.  A team that earns a choice berth will be classified by the berth it chooses to accept, either "A" or "B".  If such a team chooses not to accept either berth, then the CT USSSA State Director will determine that team's classification.  Any team that has yet to win a berth will be considered unclassified.The CT USSSA State Director reserves the right to reclassify any team at any time.

5. It is up to the individual teams to register online for the WS event and submit their registration fee online.  Teams are also responsible for handling all other paperwork associated with the WS (eg, housing forms, admission passes, t-shirt orders, etc.).

World Series Qualificaitons for "C" Class Teams for Eastern World Series in VA or any other "C" WS event in the US.

1. Any team wishing to participate in the “C” World Series must be classified as a “C” team.  A "C" team is a team that is an entry level travel team or town or local  league team.  All team entries into this event will be scrutinized by the “C” World Series Tournament Director and CT USSSA Fastpitch State Director to ensure that the teams meet the eligibility criteria and to make sure that the competitive balance is what the teams expect. C teams do not need to qualify to play in the C World Series in the normal way. They do need to play in 3 USSSA Spring/Summer tournaments (any class) in the 2018 season.