Team Rostering Procedure

Information Regarding the Online Team Rosters: 
1. Any team participating in at least one USSSA tournament is required to enter its roster online.

2. To begin entering the players onto the roster, log in to USSSA's at using your team’s ID and password.  Then choose “Roster Adds and Updates”, agree to the affidavit on the following page and begin adding players. Keep in mind that you do not have to add all your players at once. You can add to your roster periodically.

3. Once the team roster has been completely entered online, click on “Printable Roster” and print off a copy.  It needs to be signed by all the players and parents through 18U.  Players who will be 18 at the time of their first tournament do not need a parent signature. Teams should keep a signed copy for themselves.

4. Players are not bound to a team until they and the parent or guardian, have signed a current season valid USSSA roster.

5. A team that has not yet qualified for a World Series (WS) berth may add unrostered players freely to their roster. To do so, the manager should add the player to the online roster just as was done with the original players. Once the player has been added, the manager prints off the roster again, but this time only gets the added player and her parent to sign it, leaving the spaces for all the other player and parent signatures blank.  This assumes the player that's being added is not currently on another team's roster. At no time may a player be actively participating on the rosters of two different teams at the same time except under the special circumstances.

  • One of those circumstances is a player may be on the a USSSA town league team and on a USSSA travel team. However, if the town league team is also a travel team they cannot be on both rosters.
  • Another common special circumstance is a 13U player in a 14U team. During the high school season her 14U team is not competing but another 14U team with no high school players is competing. She can start the season and then move to her other team once the high school season is over. 

6. From the USSSA perspective a player is part of a USSSA team only when she has signed a current season USSSA  roster. Simply being added to the online roster is not enough. If there is no signed USSSA roster for the current season the player is not bound to that team and deemed free to join another team without a PRF.

7.  When a player declares she no longer wishes to participate on a team whose roster she has signed, that player must return all equipment, uniforms and similar items that belong to the team and were distributed to the player specifically for the current season. The parent can go into their guradian account and if having previouskly approved and remove their approval. The coach then needs to remove the player from the roster immediatley.  The manager cannot prevent a player from leaving because he feels she's too valuable, or wishes to prevent her from playing on a a rival team or to just be spiteful due to difficult circumstances between coaches, players and parents. Also, USSSA does not get involved in financial disputes between teams and families. The USSSA general counsel has advised that USSSA does not have the legal authority to prohibit player participation based on what money people may owe other people. USSSA does not take on the role of a 3rd party collection agency. Teams establish their own policies as to how families are to pay their money then it's up to the team to either collect it, defer it, waive it, grant extensions for it, release the player for non-payment of it, etc.