How to Register Your Team

The USSSA season runs from Aug. 1 to July 31 or each year. Tournaments in the Fall and Winter can be World Series Qualifiers for the summer season. Under the USSSA web-based system, a manager establishes a one-time account, and then creates teams under that account from year to year. On or shortly after July 1 managers should create their next year's team, particularly if they plan on playing any USSSA tournaments in August the Fall and Winter.  Each team manager needs to have their own ID in the system. Please do not have a single person listed as manager for all of the teams in an organization. If one person in your organization enters all the data they can get the IDs for each manager's team. But the contact info for each team manager is required. 

To go direct to the USSSA website to learn hot to register your team, Click Here.